Thursday, 8 May 2014

Beer tower: Accessory for Beer Bars

If you are worried about decreasing sales of alcoholic beverage in your facility then you should introduce new varieties to attract customers and also you should change the way beverage is served in your facility. Stop your waiters from serving beverage in glasses. Provide them accessories with which they can serve drinks to more guests.

You need a stylish cool beer tower dispenser. Serve drinks in tubes instead of hurrying bottles and glasses to guests. Place tubes filled with alcoholic beverage on the tables and see the guests enjoying their drinks. You can serve 3 liters of beverage at a time in a tube. 3 liters make enough drink for a guest. He would take some time in finishing this much drink. In the meantime, you can serve drinks to other customers. You should buy some tubes for serving drinks.

If you are new to beer tower or you are hearing or reading about such an accessory for first time then you would be amazed to know that this tube is made for serving beer. It is so designed that it encourages and helps people to drink more. It has a large reservoir to store more than 3 liters of drink and a base to place it on a table. Also there is tap to get drinks from the reservoir.

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